About HelpCafe

HelpCafe is a product of BITI LLC founded in Berlin, Germany and was first launched in June 2021. The aim of BITI and HelpCafe is to bring the world of Psychological beterment into the 21st century by not only providing the tools and guidance the specialist need to bring their practices and experience to the online community, but to build trust and guidance for those looking for the specific help that they deserve.

HelpCafe Vision

HelpCafe has a simple vision. One where the help people need is trusted and readily available at the push of a button on there computer or smart phone. We invision a world where all forms of mental assistance are seen as equal and the merit of help is solely seen through the affectiveness of helping the individuals.

HelpCafe Values

HelpCafe values people first and foremost. People who are in need of help are in a potentially vulnerable moment of their lives and we take that responsibility seriously.

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