Community Guidelines

How to conduct yourself as you create and promote your content through the HelpCafe

Last Updated: 27.06.2021

It is the obligation and duty of all users of the site to adhere to and enforce the community guidelines as they are described below. If at any point you feel that these guidelines are being broken, you can either flag the content in question, or email us at with a link to the questionable content.

As the site grows and usage grows, we reserve the right to expand and improve our community guidelines to protect the safety of our users.

General Guidelines

  1. Treat all users current and future with respect and dignity
  2. Be constructive with the content you create, we’re not here to tear people down
  3. Be critical, but open minded to all forms of psychological and spiritual help. Religions, psychology, esoterics, etc. are all within the purview of this site.
  4. Extremist statements and calls to violence are strictly prohibited
  5. Usage of provocative communication should be avoided (i.e. posts in ALL CAPS, slang/slurs)
  6. Unexceptable behavior includes but is not limited to:
    1. Personal attacks
    2. Trolling or insulting/derogatory comments
    3. Public or private harassment
    4. The unauthorized sharing of another person’s private information


  1. You are solely responsible for the content on your profile
  2. All profile content should be complete and accurate


  1. Articles can take the form of informational studies, personal life stories, or any other written long form meant to share helpful information with others
  2. Promotions are allowed within the article content, but should not be the sole purpose of the article


  1. Events should always contain a place and date that the event will occur
  2. The event organizer is responsible for the communication and information of the event
  3. Event cancelations should be updated and communicated ahead of time
  4. Promotions are allowed within the event body, but should not be the sole purpose of the event

Reviews / Comments

  1. Reviews should be informative and helpful to other users
  2. Do not resort to group pressure

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